Getxent Training Tubes

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Product is a set of 50 tubes

Innovative solutions for detection dogs training

Getxent is a concentrate of technology specifically developed for detection dogs training. It is made of an innovative material able to collect a huge amount of odorous molecules and releasing them in a controlled manner during months. Our tubes are available virgin, ready to be impregnated with your working odorous substances.

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Getxent tubes are virgin tubes, prepared ready to be impregnated with any kind of odor or complex mix of odors. With memorization and training on real smells, dog detection is both finer and more reliable. They are indeed sensitized to more complex odors, for example containing complementary odors related to the production environment.

Secondly, Getxent tube is particularly effective in terms of intensity and durability: it has a much higher absorption capacity than traditional products and it consistently retains odors up to 6 months after impregnation.

Finally, the Getxent tube is extremely easy to use. Just place it close to the substance of interest for 24 to 48 hours. As the tube does not contain any real substance – it just stores the odor. It does not impose any constraints in terms of transport, handling, dog’s working and eventual disposal of expired tubes.

Download Getxent technical data PDF.

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