Correctional Dog Handler – Detection Operations

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Award:           Statement of Attainment
Duration:       6 weeks
Location:       Dog Force Australia K9 Training Centre

The Correctional Dog Handlers Course – Detection Dog Operations is a course designed for participants employed (or seeking employment) as a Correctional Detection Dog Handler. The course provides high level detection dog handling skills in narcotics, explosives and identified contraband. Participants will be instructed in all facets of handling a detection dog in an operational context. This course is largely delivered by practical “one on one” instruction by former canine law enforcement dog trainers. Numbers for this course are strictly limited. A suitably pre-trained dog is required by each participant for this course. Dogs may be provided by the client or can be sourced by Dog Force Australia (cost additional).

The units of competency delivered are: 

ACMSPE304 Provide basic care of dog

ACMGAS306 Assist with conditioning of animals

PSPBORD303 Deploy detector dog